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Connecting people to community.

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  • Hey There Empty Nesters… Is It Time To Get Moving?
    As a long-time East Cobb resident and real estate agent, I have seen many families grow and flourish in this beautiful community. But as life goes on, children grow up and move out, leaving parents with an empty nest. While this can be a bittersweet moment, it’s also an opportunity to embark on a new … Read more
  • How have Mortgage Interest Rates effected my Home’s Value?
    As a homeowner, you’re likely keeping a close eye on the real estate market, especially in light of the recent rise in interest rates. With rates creeping up, it’s natural to feel a bit uncertain about the value of your home and whether it’s the right time to sell.As a real estate broker/appraiser team, we … Read more
  • Why live in East Cobb?
    One of north Atlanta’s premier communities, East Cobb is home to a wide range of amenities, including parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The area is also known for its strong youth sports programs, with many youth leagues and teams operating in the area. Overall, East Cobb offers a high quality of … Read more
  • Live the future you have for yourself Today!
    Be the person you say you are now. We work with investors who want to invest in their dreams of where they want to be in the future. This couple, client’s of ours, were able to find their dream property in the mountains of North Georgia. They are able to use this as an income … Read more
  • Three Reasons to sell in 2021
    The first should be money.  It is that thing that makes many of us do many different things.  Things we do not like to do.  And often, we will give much of it for things we want to do.  Rarely do we give money away when we do not want to do something.  But sometimes … Read more
  • Off Market Property
    What does it take to find an “off market” property? With today’s market, a buyer’s agent is only as good as their creative resources allow.  That means they need a lot of them.  Not only did I marry the woman of my dreams in Tristina McElreath, but our business partnership also puts a very analytical … Read more
The McElreath Team - the East Cobb Realtors you can trust.
Tristina McElreath, East Cobb Realtor

We’re on your side.

We consider you our neighbor. And that means two things. First, we want you to have a great experience buying or selling your home. As your local East Cobb realtors, we work hard behind the scenes so that your purchase or sale goes smoothly. Second, we want you to enjoy living in this community we love. So, we welcome our new neighbors as friends. And, we invest our time and resources into this area.