Live the future you have for yourself Today!

Be the person you say you are now. We work with investors who want to invest in their dreams of where they want to be in the future. This couple, client’s of ours, were able to find their dream property in the mountains of North Georgia. They are able to use this as an income … Read more

Three Reasons to sell in 2021

The first should be money.  It is that thing that makes many of us do many different things.  Things we do not like to do.  And often, we will give much of it for things we want to do.  Rarely do we give money away when we do not want to do something.  But sometimes … Read more

Off Market Property

What does it take to find an “off market” property? With today’s market, a buyer’s agent is only as good as their creative resources allow.  That means they need a lot of them.  Not only did I marry the woman of my dreams in Tristina McElreath, but our business partnership also puts a very analytical … Read more


What are you looking for on your TEAM? Hopefully, you realize that as you go through life you need a good team around you to succeed at the goals you set for yourself and your family.  The team members need to know their roles.  You will need people to fill in the gaps where you … Read more


I find myself pondering ‘value’ and what it means to people.  In ‘Appraisal’ there are three views of value.  The sales comparison value.  The income approach to value.   And the cost approach to value.  Each of these approaches can have different values. An appraiser puts together an opinion of value.  This is not much different … Read more

Neighbor effect

Was doing an appraisal for a client yesterday, and as we must do, you have to analyze the “neighborhood”. Now in ‘appraisal speak’, neighborhood is not subdivision. It may not even be school district. Neighborhood in this purpose is something that has a definition that the appraiser must give to it. The tax records report … Read more

Heritage and Legacy

Heritage and Legacy are instrumental to the incorporation of community. When we consider who we are and what is important to the person we want to be and become, we must consider heritage and legacy. While neither singularly define us, they are substantial characteristics of our existence.  Where we have come from within our DNA … Read more


Our ability, or lack of, to see things that are not currently existing, is a skill that is required of good communicators and good realtors.  Someone who can look with a client at property and speak into what it will be, can be, and what it will take to get that property where it needs … Read more