Who I Am Really?

Everyone wants to know who they are doing business with and while some people who are reading this site are personal friends, or at least acquaintances with me, many will not be. I hope to make all clients into friends.

I grew up in Cobb County. Born at Crawford Long Hospital in downtown Atlanta in 1967. My first ten years had me living in the Mableton/Austell area off Old Alabama Road. I moved to the East side of Marietta and graduated from Wheeler High School and went on to graduate from the University of Georgia. I have owned small businesses in Cobb County since I was 22 years old.

At the University of Georgia, I was a cheerleader. That experience has shaped my life to see the importance of influencing the environment you are in with a positive outlook on the future. Applying those lessons to my community I have seen Cobb County become the most prosperous and dynamic community in the state of Georgia. We continue to set the pace for excellence in the quality of life for the country. And North Fulton, Cherokee, Bartow, are all benefitting from the development and competitive schools and lifestyle advantages that living in this Northern corridor of Atlanta has to offer.

Our logo and brand of family and America speak to patriotism and we hope that this is welcoming and not offensive. We have “Connecting People to Community” as our tagline. We hope all communities in this great country can benefit from our business and our lives. It is a life purpose. Listening to what someone else wants in their home, community, school, traffic pattern to where they work and recreate, is important to us. We do not want to think our way is the only way or even the better way. Listening to our clients and understanding what matters to them is essential for doing our best service to all our clients in our community. The community I have seen grow up has succeeded by taking the best ideas from different participants and applying them for everyone’s benefit.

Recreation is something that we all need. My family loves the outdoors. The word and the application speaks to re-creating. We do this in ourselves and we do it with our community.
We feel comfortable sharing our expertise with you. All of these communities we focus on, are full of great places for people; single, married, with kids or without, young and more mature, to re-create. That is something that The McElreath Team wants to be a part of. My hope is that you will allow us to be a part of your recreation.

My first business in Cobb County was a youth development business. Working with young people and knowing the challenges of raising a family in this culture has been my life. Today, due to my life experiences within the community, my wealth of knowledge regarding similar services for the family runs deep. Our community has become a magnet for vibrant family activity. Many people select this area for the great public schools. The auxiliary living experiences the community has to offer is even more of a development tool for defining the family and community you wish to become a part of.

Being single in this community is something that I can totally relate to. Living here during my years when I had yet to find my soulmate were great memory-making times. The gyms, parks, restaurants, bars, and quick trips to all that the greater Atlanta area has to offer is tremendous leverage to living, working, and developing. Our community has a bike path that can take the exploring soul all the way to Anniston, Alabama. Our lives are made to grow, explore, and dream. The McElreath Team hopes that we can be a part of those.

For those who may be more mature than myself, my own mother and mother-in-law are residence of this community. Being close to their concerns and relating to their needs has allowed our team to do multiple transactions within the over 55 community as well as understanding the extended care service here. Our team’s hope is that all our clients become friends and stay in our great community all their lives. So, understanding what a future looks like decades down the road has everything to do with experience and points of reference. Some who no longer need to go into an office during the week are looking for amenities and resources that others are not. We can relate to this stage of life, even though we are living through other’s experiences currently.

My hope is that the spirit of who you get to know within me is one that has ‘space’ for others. While I realize that I have much to give, it is what I gain from my clients that excites me about our team. Please be a part of it.

Kirk McElreath

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