Heritage and Legacy

Heritage and Legacy are instrumental to the incorporation of community.

When we consider who we are and what is important to the person we want to be and become, we must consider heritage and legacy.

While neither singularly define us, they are substantial characteristics of our existence. 

Where we have come from within our DNA chain about family members, does make a difference as to what things we find attractive, and not.  Things we enjoy doing, and do not. Types of foods we enjoy, music we appreciate, and the ways in which we enjoy our leisure-time and often our careers.  To ignore our heritage is to be out of touch with what can make us deeply content and even the illusive, happy.

There is nothing neither good nor bad about heritage. It is. 

Legacy is significant to heritage because while one does not control or construct heritage, it is totally controlled and constructed.  What do you wish your experience on earth to mean to those who come after you?  Why are you doing all the work and effort of living?  When people think of you, what is the memory or concrete proof that you wanted to make a difference for someone else, or not?

Both characteristics of who you are will be something that you need to consider as you find the community that meets your emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial needs.  What is it that you ‘feel’ attached to in a community?  What legacy are your committed to leaving behind when you move on?  Can you make the impact in the community such that you leave that legacy for those who come after you? 

The home is the place that these things occur.  What we do on the inside of them, is far more impactful than what goes on, on the outside.

A good realtor can find you a home.

A great realtor finds you THE community that speaks to your soul and satisfies your need to contribute, to improve, to express your spirit of collaboration.  This takes more of a therapeutic approach with someone who really does care that your transition is one that speaks to both your heritage and your legacy that is defined not by a price, but by a life. 

Share your life with the McElreath Team and allow us to navigate the heritage and legacy you possess and desire.