Our ability, or lack of, to see things that are not currently existing, is a skill that is required of good communicators and good realtors. 

Someone who can look with a client at property and speak into what it will be, can be, and what it will take to get that property where it needs to go, is invaluable.  This is something that a software program or app is not able to do with a client or for a client. The problem is what matters to one purchaser, does not matter to the next so when the visualization is being done, the factors of each individual needs to be accounted for when shaping the vision.

What are the factors that will transform and create the home that someone is looking for? What affects this particular buyer and what they are wanting this property to become and be realized?

Does the realtor, councilor, consultant, realize the community that the home is placed is very influential as to what will affect the actual life possible to live there?  What are the dynamic historical facts of a community?  What are traffic patterns that will affect the lifestyle capable of enjoying?  Is there future development and actions within the community that would change patterns and impact what the buyer will experience within the next two to five years of living in the property?

When you have an experienced realtor to walk a property with you, the ability to look at potential problems in construction, what areas of concern will the homeowner face if certain systems fail, or where are the pit falls of certain designed homes. These can be invaluable to the homeowner before they get into a property.  Visualization is not just regarding what will be, but also, what is. 

Some eyes only see what they want to se and look past obvious issues so that they will get the process of searching for the perfect home over with. 

Allow the McElreath Team to help you see what is, what was, and what will become of the home you want to call yours. 

Please consider our team to help you purchase or sell your home.