Off Market Property

What does it take to find an “off market” property?

With today’s market, a buyer’s agent is only as good as their creative resources allow.  That means they need a lot of them. 

Not only did I marry the woman of my dreams in Tristina McElreath, but our business partnership also puts a very analytical and detailed human being, with someone who is not scared to step out of a box or two. 

Recently we had a couple really wanting a property in a neighborhood that had nothing really on the market.  They were going to go with new construction, and the state of the market, they would not be in their home until 2022.  So…why not knock on a few random doors?

Sure enough, one of the neighbors wanted to put their home on the market and they are under contract.  But things cannot be that easy.

Another client calls us and “just has an itch to get out of East Cobb.”  Well, there is nothing on the market that we really like.  Within two days, and four homes that two were “off market”, and they are ready to move forward.  How did Tristina find the “off market” homes?  Calling other agents and finding out what our client was looking for and what they knew about.  We are part of Fathom Realty and we have over 500 agents in the market doing the same thing we are doing.  We have artificial intelligence that is made accessible to us through technology that is so “cutting edge”, I cannot explain it.  Just know that I am glad I have Tristina who can work this magic computer thingy and what seemed like we had no homes to look at, suddenly there are two days-worth of homes to see.

The McElreath Team is a family that works as a business, that serves our clients with a service of improving other people’s living environment.  We do this in any way we can figure out.  Hopefully, we can serve yours soon.

Thank you for thinking of us.