What are you looking for on your TEAM?

Hopefully, you realize that as you go through life you need a good team around you to succeed at the goals you set for yourself and your family.  The team members need to know their roles.  You will need people to fill in the gaps where you may not be always keeping your eye on the ball.  They need to help with your blind spots and to let you know when it is time to take strategic advantage of situations you have been looking for.

Within our team we have partnered with cutting edge technology that allows us to know more about the market than others.  Where are the trends headed, and where have things truly been regarding the value of your home?

While we work with homeowners, we are one as well.  While we work with investors, we are one as well.  We work with appraisers.  You may guess… We are one of those as well.  And what do we have at our disposal?

Fathom is our brokerage firm, and it was born out of a technology spirit.  A technology founder in Joshua Harley.  Joshua was solving problems for clients in the Real Estate industry as a technology provider.  As he worked through strategic solutions, he realized that he had a gift as a broker that is based in servant leadership.  This concept, of meeting the needs of those you are around, is the basis of the McElreath Team as well.  This is something that keeps our family together, our team together, and will meet your needs as well.

Harley is continually advancing the brokerage.  What advances a servant leader organization?  The answer is finding more needs that can be solved through serving people’s needs.  The change of the market constantly creates new circumstances that the solutions of Fathom Realty can allow you, our client, to capitalize on.

When is the perfect time to sell my property based on the dynamics of my family? 

What square footage is the optimal for my family?  When is the best time to sell a property that I probably will not appreciate the value of, when all the kids have gone on their way? 

And then the best solution for all homeowners must be, is this a bubble and how do I take advantage of it if it is?  #EastCobbrealestate

Having Joshua Harley as your founder has its benefits.  We have over a billion in assets as one of the fastest growing firms for the last two years and traded publicly.  We have over 500 sales associates in the state of Georgia and over 5000 nationally who are part of our knowledge bank.  Besides the technology that is brought to bear, the experience is constantly being shared through internal and external social media processes.  Every day, the McElreath team has access to more and more information on up to the second market changes.  We have social media mentors, market mentors, transactional experts, internal title experts, internal mortgage partners, and along every step of the process, we have leveraged our influence to give you the most streamlined team who has more robust resources than any competitor in the market. 

Keep your eye on the issues that matter in your career and family, and let us be your teammate in strategically capitalizing on real estate.