Neighbor effect

Was doing an appraisal for a client yesterday, and as we must do, you have to analyze the “neighborhood”. Now in ‘appraisal speak’, neighborhood is not subdivision. It may not even be school district. Neighborhood in this purpose is something that has a definition that the appraiser must give to it. The tax records report … Read more

Heritage and Legacy

Heritage and Legacy are instrumental to the incorporation of community. When we consider who we are and what is important to the person we want to be and become, we must consider heritage and legacy. While neither singularly define us, they are substantial characteristics of our existence.  Where we have come from within our DNA … Read more


Our ability, or lack of, to see things that are not currently existing, is a skill that is required of good communicators and good realtors.  Someone who can look with a client at property and speak into what it will be, can be, and what it will take to get that property where it needs … Read more


Where does the Commission go?  And, why should I need to pay 1,2,6,7% of the sale to people who just do something that is easily done via the internet?  There are a couple of options for selling your home.  You can have a FSBO, or for sale by owner where you do 100% of the … Read more

Change is the only Constant

Real Estate may seem like the most boring of commodities to concentrate on.  The housing industry is approximately 1.6% of GDP in the United States annually.  That translates to about $337Billion last year.  That is up 16.7% year-over-year. That type of concentration of wealth gets big corporate eyes wondering if they can manipulate a … Read more

Benefits of Experiences

What is it like to live in one general community for 53 years? While I have had a residence in Cobb County for 53 years, spreading my wings and seeing the world was and is, how I like to express myself. Born in Atlanta’s Crawford Long Hospital in 1967 meant that the Atlanta Braves had … Read more

To Hire an Agent…or Not?

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Why does someone need or use a Real Estate Agent anyway? Let’s face it, times have changed to where many people see today, more than ever, they can find a home, or market a home, without the use of giving away 6-7% of the value.  Is this all about expense, or even understanding.  Or is … Read more

State of the Local Market ’21Q1

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Sales in this market are not sustainable. In January of this year, the area that is referred to as East Cobb saw 199 transactions of real estate.  There are only 179 homes on the market in February.  This eb and flow of the market is natural, but the fact of having less than a month’s … Read more